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Videos about how to support friends or groupmates with anxiety

Caring Leaders' learning through Video Making

Anna Chiu (Vet)
Peer Support Fellow
May Ho (Science)
Peer Support Fellow
Michael Wong (Engineering)
 Psychological Wellness Ambassador
Renee Tsang (Engineering)
Peer Support Fellow

I am more aware of people with anxiety after reading the script of the video.  I never know how daily life scenarios could trigger their anxiety and could affect their interpersonal relationships. I've learned to observe the symptoms of anxiety disorders and be mindful of others' emotional needs. Simple words could exert a significant impact on others. Through making this video, I have also learned the importance of empathy. I hope I can be a better companion and friend with my fellow schoolmates.

Words are powerful. Spoken or written words we use in our everyday lives may potentially hurt others. The choices of words we made set the parameter of our lives. We can choose to heal or hurt others.
We could make two different choices in the video: to hurt or heal the girl. If you choose to ignore or blame the girl, she would be more upset and have lower self-esteem.  However, different results might happen if you choose to comfort her. She will be encouraged and her confidence could be rebuilt.  I have never thought that different verbal expressions would lead to different results. It makes me know more about the power of words. We might hurt others through aggressive words in our daily lives. We must control our emotions and prevent using words that can hurt others.

By making this video, I have learned that we should plan well before shooting. Moreover, I have learned how we can accompany our friends more appropriately as most of us get accustomed to using common and inappropriate ways when hanging out with friends with emotional needs.

I am very fortunate to be a member of the Caring League. Here, I made many new friends. We did not have any experience in filming before, so that we slowly learned how to write scripts, shoot and edit the video. We walked across the campus together, searching for suitable places, and looked for passers-by in the podium for inspiration for the shooting process. Although it might be a little embarrassing occasionally, it made me smile in return.
When writing scripts and watching videos about accompanying our buddies, I always felt nobody would say those hurtful words to their friends. It turned out that these situations were common. If we speak without careful consideration, we might always turn words into sharp weapons which attack people around us. While telling the audience how to accompany their friends, I have also learned a lot from the video.

Ellen Ho (Media & Communication)
 Psychological Wellness Ambassador
Wendy Cheng (Psychology) 
Psychological Wellness Ambassador
Esther Tang (Psychology)
 Psychological Wellness Ambassador

My partners and I shot a video about anxiety for the CityU Cares for YOU exhibition.  In writing the script, we found a lot of information about anxiety, which includes its symptoms and ways to relieve them. As a result, we have better understanding on this mental issue and therefore we will pay more attention on it. Besides, I am very grateful to do this video shooting with wonderful companions. The whole shooting process was smooth and enjoyable.

Being a member of the Caring League, I gained fruitful experience during the whole process. It includes writing scripts, playing a role as an anxious person, and making suggestions for this video production. I tried to empathize with the friends having anxiety, or even generalized anxiety disorder and putting myself into his/her shoes. I found that they have some worries that cannot be easily dealt with, and they may need to resolve their cognitive conflicts to resume a peaceful state of mind. What we could do is being an active listener and a kind problem solver as a friend. This technique is also useful for us to handle stress on our own. If everyone could prioritize their mental health, his/her self-efficacy and self-esteem can be enhanced, too.

I enjoy making the video for the CityU Cares for YOU exhibition. My teammates and I collaborated very well, and we had generated great ideas and contents for the video. I have learnt a lot about knowledge related to video making and anxiety. 

It was fun to make the video. I am one of the actors in the video who plays the role of a student with anxiety. I have learned more about symptoms of anxiety by having searched about it on the Internet to prepare my acting. I have also learnt some ways to relieve anxiety symptoms.

As I have more understanding of anxiety, I am able to know if my friends are facing anxiety by being more aware of their anxiety symptoms. Also, as I have learnt how to manage anxiety symptoms, I could alleviate my friends' anxiety symptoms.  I can also help myself if I have anxiety, too.

Tiffany Lai (Business)
Peer Support Fellow

To me, making this video is very interesting and meaningful. We created our video from scratch. We brainstormed the ideas together, wrote the story plot and put the words into a show. In this process, I have gained a great sense of satisfaction.
Besides, I believe that this process is also educational. It is not only about the skills that I have learnt in acting and video shooting but also the knowledge that I have gained from the story. I have learnt about the concept of anxiety and the ways of accompanying a friend with anxiety. I gain better understanding on how I should get along with my friends with anxiety. From now on, I will try to put myself into others' shoes and listen to their worries. I will not judge but to understand them.

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