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  • In addressing the trend of increasing number of students suffering from depression and anxiety evidenced from phenomenal studies and frontline experiences, the Caring League has been a flagship program of the Counselling Service since 2015 to educate and nurture the student’s emotional well-being and mental health.

  • After receiving the core and team trainings, the Caring League would have to carry out different events on campus.  The students’ participation and initiatives, through mass campus-wide education and community involvement, are effective ways of projecting healthy and positive energy in promoting mental health and emotional well-being in university community.

  1. Develop a league of caring leaders, through comprehensive training and collaboration of caring project

  2. Facilitate a caring and supportive attitude and ambience among the student community

  3. Enhance the mental wellness and emotional resilience of students

  4. Foster students’ positive attitudes

  5. Unleash students’ potential on leadership ability and organizational skills

Introduction Video
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